Don’t Fuck With Cats: Where is Luka Magnotta Now?

By Hillary Harrington March 27, 2020

If you are not familiar with the Netflix series Don’t Fuck With Cats: The Hunting Of An Internet Killer, then you should familiarize yourself with its main character and perpetrator, Luka Magnotta.

Magnotta was born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman. A man who grew up with a troubled past, he tried to get by through life with different kinds of careers. He became an escort and a model and banked on his looks and his body. He also starred in a few pornographic videos as a form of work. 

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His first crime was becoming a fraudster and trying to pretend to be someone in order to shop for $10,000 worth of items. Eventually, this led to him getting caught and revealing more anomalies that tied up with his name. After the incident, he changed his name and moved cities. It was discovered that he had 70 Facebook accounts and 20 different websites registered under various names. If you think this is weird, things are just starting to heat up. 

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Luka’s disturbing behavior started when he posted a video of himself killing two kittens. On May 25, 2012, a video was released on an online platform called named One Lunatic, One Ice Pick.  

The video, what seemed like a prank story or a gory movie was a real murder of a person strapped on a bed and stabbed multiple times with an ice pick and a kitchen knife. The murdered body was raped, dismembered, and knives and forks were used to cut some flesh.

There were also instances where a dog was shown to be chewing on some body parts. The six body parts were distributed to political offices and some schools. One of the packages contained a note that said that the perpetrator would be killing someone again.

The video was pre-promoted ten days before the brutal incident. A lot of Betsgore users reported the produced video and it was confirmed that the body that was horribly disrespected was that of Justin Lin, an international student from Wuhan, China, studying in Montreal. Lucca fled his apartment before any police officers could even take him into custody. 

The question that bugs us all is, where is Luka Rocco Magnotta now?

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It was said that he was conceited and full of vanity and Magnotta was caught in a cafe in Berlin while browsing through news reports about himself.

At first, he denied the claims a few times saying he was not the person the authorities were looking for. He was transported back to Canada in a high-security manner and even got married in prison in 2017.

In his trial, he pleaded not guilty to five counts of murder but his lawyers suited up and used their cards well. He was deemed not to be in a stable mental condition and coming from a family where his father had schizophrenia, it was easy to associate him with the mental illness and there were also doctor accounts to support it.

Eventually, the case ended and he was sentenced to life in prison, he was also sentenced another 19 years for the other charges, and was granted 25 years of parole after all of that. Magnotta is now in a maximum-security prison where he is only granted 2 out of the 22 hours in a day out of his cell. 

When asked for a statement, Magnotta shares that he was never really mentally ill and that life in prison is not so bad after all.