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These Furry Friends are Almost Done With Quarantine

We have all been stuck at home for way too long at this point. No matter where you are in the world, you are probably spending more time at home than you ever did before this moment in world history. And being home all the time means giving your pets some extra attention. The issue is that they never asked for so much attention. Our dogs probably miss the good ole’ days when they could run around the house while we were at work, destroying the furniture and stealing things to play with. Now it’s all about playing fetch all day, being called to sit with us on the couch all the time, and, in some more extreme cases of quarantine, lots of DIYs and learning new tricks.

Broken Dog

Maybe this dog has been spending too much time with cats, so he learned how to climb on furniture. Maybe it’s quarantine. We wouldn’t be surprised if the dog was just trying to get away from this owner for a little while.

It’s funny to see the two other dogs looking at him and wondering what he is doing on top of the kitchen cabinet. Or maybe they are wondering if they would be climb all the way up there too… We sure wonder how the first dog got up there.

Guilty Boys

These pets look so guilty it’s actually very cute. They were clearly playing with an object they knew they shouldn’t, but thought they would be able to get away with it. And maybe they could have if it wasn’t for their guilty looks.


Whatever it is they broke, we say it’s their owner’s fault for leaving it at reach. I mean… Look at these babies! This cat and dog are good boys, how can anyone be mad at anything that looks this adorable? The dog and cat duo look inseparable!

The Cat King

Anyone who has cats knows how much they love to climb on all pieces of furniture, no matter how tall or unreachable they might seem. They jump from shelf to shelf or sometimes use their nails to help them climb, but they always manage to get to the top of the furniture.

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After all this time being stuck at home with their boring humans, these cats are probably starting to lose their minds. At this point, they are desperately looking for new objects to climb, explore, and play with, like this bed.

Caught In The Act

This cute boy thought that no one was looking when he tried to grab his grandma’s purse and play with the things she had inside it. But his owner caught him red-handed! Look at the guilty expression in his eyes.


It looks like he’s apologizing for the inconvenience, saying he wishes he didn’t have to do this. But unfortunately, everyone has been too bored lately, and so is the pup – so he deserves a break! Let him play with the purse this one time!

Quarantine News

This good boy is reporting to all the other dogs that the day they have all been waiting for has finally come: their humans are simply not leaving to go to work anymore! Those are great news, reporter Good Boy.

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Can you see how he looks at his human with so much love? This dog will do literally anything for his best friend, even wear a headset and pretend to be a journalist, if that’s what is going to make them happy.

Playful Pals

Quarantine is making us all a little too hyperactive… Maybe it’s the boredom, maybe it’s the need to be productive when there isn’t that much we can do. Either way, we understand why these two have so much energy to be spent playing fight.

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It’s so cute that while the cat looks guilty and almost apologetic for being caught behaving poorly, the dog has this serious expression on his face that basically says “human, we are just playing, leave us alone now”.


This is the most adorable thing any dog has ever done. He was probably feeling a little cold but still wanted to be able to see his owner. So, obviously, he chewed a hole in the blanket and put his head through it.

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Warm, fashionable and adorable. This way his entire head is protected from the cold, and only his eyes and little snout are exposed. This is how much dogs love their owners! They want to hang out even in the freezing cold.

LEGO Corgi

This dog does not look very impressed by his parents’ creation. This LEGO sculpture looks exactly like him, from the brown spots above his eyes to the white paws. He really should be feeling flattered by this piece of art.

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Such an incredible masterpiece! We truly hope these people kept the sculpture somewhere very safe where the dog wouldn’t be able to reach, because it would be really sad to see all this beautiful hard work go to waste.

Hygienic Pup

From the stylish sunglasses to the creative sign, this dog has everything it needs to be the newest internet sensation. Now that stores are starting to open up, it’s always important to be reminded to wash our hands constantly.

 kidfriendly memes/pinterest

And there is no better way to be reminded to keep our hygiene levels high than getting pictures from a fluffy dog in sunglasses. We promise to social distance and not leave the house unless necessary too, little pup. Anything for you.

Smart Ghost

This dog is wondering why his human is at his house during his alone time. Ghost’s whole schedule of napping, running around and eating inedible objects is now being postponed… We get it, pup, it’s a hard time for all of us.


His ears are up and his eyes are looking straight into his parent’s soul… Ghost is definitely desperate to be left alone again. He probably wishes he could speak so he would be able to kick out his human from his place.

Stuffed Animal Friends

This pup is so tired of having to deal with his human during these social isolation times. He just wants to chill by himself for a few moments until he can recharge his social battery. And we all get it.

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If you are living with anyone during this quarantine – roommates, family, or a significant other – you already know that, at some point, we all need a break. This dog was hoping if he stayed quiet, his owner wouldn’t notice him between the stuffed animals.

Fed Up Pup

This dog is so done with having to share his blanket with his human. The side-eye illustrates perfectly what it feels like to be sharing the very same space with someone without a break for weeks in a row.

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It is frustrating, but this social isolation will end, pup, we promise! And when it does, you’ll have your blanket and your couch all to yourself again. And you’ll appreciate it so much more when you’re able to have your own space again.

The Scared Dog

If Courage, The Cowardly Dog, had a sibling, it would definitely be this dog right here. Look at the fear in this dog’s eyes! He is terrified of the noise he made himself! That is actually pretty adorable – and hilarious.


In fact, now that everyone is at home all the time, this dog is probably getting scared 24/7, considering all the constant noises he hears coming from all the rooms in his house. Poor little baby, we hope you are doing ok.

Happy Dogs

Obviously, not all dogs hate having to share their space with their humans. In fact, we’re sure that most of them are actually really happy that they are getting to spend some long quality time with their parents for once.

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Most dogs spend the whole day just waiting for their humans to come back and get so excited when they hear the key and the doorknob turning. Can you imagine how thrilled they are to have their best friend around all day?

Tired Dog

You can see this dog is really low maintenance. He doesn’t care about expensive furniture or extra comfort. All he needs is a wooden floor and a place to lay his head and he is good to take a nap. How lucky dogs are to have the ability to pass out anywhere!


This picture is absolutely adorable, but we can only imagine how frustrated his owner was when they bought him a new bed for a hundred dollars and he still chose to sleep on the floor. Maybe they should take the compliment regarding their flooring choice.

The Masseuse

Who needs a masseuse when you have a dog willing to pat you on your back during your entire workday? This dog loves his owner so much that he is sitting on the couch in the most uncomfortable position, but won’t leave his side.

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And judging by the happy smile on the guy’s face, we’ll guess he feels flattered and lucky that the dog loves him so much. He probably wishes he could just drop his work and play with his best friend all day.

Social Distance Dog

Since the whole social distancing situation started to take place in every city around the world, many people have been thinking of creative solutions to their everyday needs that do not require you to leave your house and run into people.

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One interesting solution is this one: someone that needed to walk their dog decided to try tying the Husky’s leash to a drone, this way the human is safe at home while knowing that his dog is walking safely. Brilliant.

Delivery Dog

Sure, we’ve seen dogs pick up the newspaper from the driveway, but it is not every day that we see a dog trained to buy groceries at the store. Beto is helping his mom, who cannot leave the house and making the cashier’s day a lot happier.

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This is just such a clever and sweet idea. Norma is being very respectful of others by not leaving the house and also making sure her dog spends a little energy on his little walk to the grocery shop.

Confused Pomeranian

This little pup does not understand what his human is doing at home for so long. Like many other dogs, he is used to being at home by himself during the day, so this new situation doesn’t make any sense to him.

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To be fair, this whole situation does not make a lot of sense to any of us either. But the ones of us who have pets have been blessed to be able to spend this extra time with their buddies at home.

Loukie’s Birthday

Loukie is having a birthday party and no one is invited. Judging by the way his tongue is sticking out to the camera, we are going to guess Loukie is pretty happy with the lack of guests at his party.

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Seven human years in dog years means that Loukie is practically a middle-aged dog in human years, so it is about time for him to become grumpy and start avoiding social situations with people he doesn’t care about. 

Predator Dog

One thing many dogs do in order to try to get their owners’ attention is giving little bites. It’s clearly not supposed to hurt them, it’s simply a way of reminding them their best friend is around and it’s time to play.


But it’s not all fun and games when their owners attack back. As you can see, this dog did not expect his owner to play his game. She obviously did not bite hard either, but he still looks very surprised.

Sleepy Dog

This sleepy boy was just casually yawning next to his brother like anyone would when something simply interrupted his plans. A little snout appeared out of nowhere. You can see how shocked he was by the look on his face.

kidfriendly memes/pinterest

His little brother looks very nonchalant about the whole thing, which just makes the pictures even funnier. Does he think that this is a normal attitude when it comes to yawning? Was he trying to play? Guess we’ll never know.

Tent Boy

This good boy is tired of staying in all the time, so his parents set up a tent for him so that he feels like he’s camping. His little toys are in the tent too – everything to make him comfortable on his staycation.


He looks very thankful for this gesture, but probably very confused as well. After all, why can’t everyone just go play outside like they used to do? Don’t worry, pup, soon we’ll all be able to play outside again.

Nervous Dog

For Lucy’s birthday, her dad ordered her a cake. But Lucy is not used to eating cake, especially cakes made only for her. So she got very surprised by her human’s nice gesture. Her face almost says “All that? For me?”.


We don’t judge you at all, Lucy. If someone got us a whole cake for us to eat by ourselves, we would also be very surprised and excited. We hope you enjoyed every bite of your well-deserved birthday cake.

Spy Dog

This little dog is doing some spy work in order to understand why his humans are spending so much time inside the house. He secretly follows everyone around the place and tries to eavesdrop conversations and watch their activities.


He still hasn’t really been able to figure it out, after all the current situation is very complicated for a dog to understand. But either way, whatever the reason might be, he seems to be enjoying it a lot.

Thief Dog

This little thief thought he would be able to get away with stealing and eating an entire jar of jam from a store. Someone found him lying on the ground covered in a red substance and obviously thought the worst had happened.


But as it turns out, this mischievous little guy had just eaten too much jam and passed out because of the amount of sugar he ingested… In the second picture, he is even sticking out his tongue to the people who were worried.

St. Puppy’s Day

This classy dog is ready for a few drinks and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. He has his green shirt, his fancy glasses, and, obviously, his four-leaf clover bow tie. He is so ready to party and go to the pub.


We hope he had a great St. Patrick’s Day and that his parent included him in the celebrations ordering him some dog-safe beer. It’s the least they can do after dressing him up and making him wear these glasses.

Smart Dog

This dog is way too clever for her own good. Even though she really loves to go outside, she hates being locked out. So instead of staying in or going outside completely, she stays halfway in and halfway out.

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We doubt she is having any fun sitting between the door and the wall, but at least it shows that she is willing to stand up for her rights, and she is not ready to give up on this battle. Looks like the dog won this round. Nice strategy, pup!

Climber Dog

As the days pass, we get more and more bored staying at home. So we start looking through our old boxes and finding things we haven’t used in years. Which is probably how this dog ended up dressed as a climber.


This climber dog looks ready for an adventure: be it climbing a mountain or taking a nap on the couch near his human every day until the social distancing rules are loosened. And most importantly, he is staying safe with his helmet.

Sad Pup

All this good boy really wanted was to climb to the couch using his little stairs. But his human, distracted with so many other things to do around the house, forgot to place them against the couch where they belong after vacuuming.

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So he did the only thing he could: he climbed to the highest step and waited with his big puppy eyes until his human saw him and fixed his mistake. Such a smart boy for knowing how to express what he wants!

Height Measurement

This dachshund is so proud to be three toilet-paper-rolls tall! You can even see how he is smiling a little bit, happy to know that he can scare away the other big pups, since he’s a big boy now. That big dog on the corner of the block better watch out!

dog snapchats/Pinterest

In quarantine times, toilet paper is such a big commodity. Which probably makes this little dog even happier, knowing his owners are doing ok at the moment, and he can use these rolls later to play with when no one is looking.

St. Bernard’s New Job

This breed of dogs is usually known for bringing first aid kits attached to their necks to people in need. But considering the current global situation, what could possibly be a bigger necessity than toilet paper? Only maybe hand sanitizer.

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So no more St. Bernards carrying first aid kits or alcohol around their necks, with a new reality comes a new solution. Always keep an extra roll of toilet paper on your dog. This is such a clever idea that this dog’s owners should try to patent it.

Customer Service Dog

Times have been rough for everyone, including our dogs. This dog in the picture even started working as a customer support representative to help make ends meet. And you can tell by the look on his face that he takes his job really seriously.


This dog’s parents must be really proud of their responsible pup. We hope he is being paid not only with lots of treats but also many snuggles because he is such a good boy who deserves it! Give this dog a big bone!

The Serious Pup

This dog looks like a model posing for a portrait. The serious expression on his face, the fancy cape wrapped around him. He is ready for his five minutes of fame when the painting becomes famous all over the world. 

kidfriendly memes/pinterest

We wish all dogs were this respectful and calm. Look at how he is patiently waiting for his human to come and remove the blanket from his back instead of running around and leaving it dirty somewhere around the house.

Food Beggar

This is a persistent (but adorable) dog. Even after getting tired of trying to get food, he stayed. Sure, he is laying on the floor, but his face is still on the couch, his eyes are still gazing at the food. The rest of his body seems to have slumped on the ground in a futile attempt to gain treats.

kidfriendly memes/pinterest

One distracted moment and that’s it, the dog is back on his feet and stealing all the snacks. One thing is for sure: he doesn’t give up on his dreams and ambitions, and we are proud of him for that. We aspire to be as chill as this dog.

The Helper Dog

This dog wants to make sure his human’s phone is fully charged, so he decided to hold the charger for them. How adorably convenient is that? We all wish we could have such a cute and fluffy charger holder at home.

kidfriendly memes/pinterest

You can even see in his eyes that he is ready to take a nap, but even when he does fall asleep, he won’t stop helping his owner charge their phone. That is what we call a good boy.

Terrified Dog

Oh, no. This pup’s teddy bear is trapped in a big, evil machine! This dog’s terrified expression is just so adorable. He can’t understand why his teddy bear is inside the washing machine or why his owner won’t help him open it.

dog snapchats/Pinterest

Maybe the look of terror on his face is because he has seen the washing machine working before and he is worried that after the teddy bear, he will be next. We would be pretty scared to go inside the washing machine too…

Quarantine Dog

This dog blanket burrito is how most people look like during the quarantine. Not being able to go outside, many of us just gave up completely on jeans and uncomfortable clothes and wore only pajamas and blankets for days straight.

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The peaceful expression in this dog’s face is incredible. He is simply enjoying his time being cozy and warm in his blankets while taking a long nap on the big comfy couch. This seems like a fun and cozy activity.

The Centaur

Quarantine is making us all as creative as we’ve ever been. Maybe it’s the free time, maybe it’s the fact that we have to look at the same walls and furniture and decoration and people and animals all day, everyday.


Whatever the reason may be, we totally support using your pets and significant others as subjects for your creative art projects, such as photography. In fact, we are sure if this dog could see how cool he looks as a half of a centaur, it would approve the photo too.

Tired Momma

Motherhood is a blessing, but it is also exhausting. This dog looked so happy after giving birth to her first puppies, she was probably super excited thinking about her little buddies that would hang out with her all the time.


But what this momma dog did not consider is that with motherhood comes more responsibilities. Also suddenly she’s not the only pup in the house and the attention she used to get is now split by eight dogs… Sorry, momma, you did your best and you made a pair of cute doggos too!