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  • The Very Beginning Of Hollywood

    Hollywood is a neighborhood in LA, California, synonymous with the entertainment industry’s fame, money, and power. This world-famous entertainment center is...

    EntertainmentToby TunwaseSeptember 16, 2021
  • Movie Stars Who Hold The Most Academy Awards

    It is no secret that one of the most prestigious awards that anyone in the movie industry desires is an Academy...

    ActorsToby TunwaseJuly 16, 2021
  • Box Office Movies: Who Leads In The Numbers?

    Box office numbers and statistics tell us which movies have made the most sales in the United States and also worldwide....

    MoviesToby TunwaseJune 16, 2021
  • How Hollywood Salaries Work

    Hollywood salaries have been the center of debates for years with controversies of unfair gender wages and racial discriminations being front...

    ActorsApril Ann QuiñonesDecember 24, 2019