Top Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From Filmmakers

By Toby Tunwase March 16, 2021

Film production is no easy feat, and neither is its marketing a walk in the park. Often, we watch movies, enjoy the plot, and even criticize the storyline without stopping to consider what goes on behind the scene.

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 Filmmakers do a lot. And in fact, there’s so much entrepreneurs can learn from them in our world today. From injecting life to creative ideas to marketing to distribution, down to finding an audience for their films, the role of a filmmaker is often quite similar to that of an entrepreneur.

Below are the top lessons every entrepreneur should learn from filmmakers:

Filmmakers do not start thinking about marketing when production is over—that could be disastrous. According to documentary filmmaker Jia Wertz, ‘Marketing a film requires a long-term strategy. It takes strategic planning and intense surveying to market a film successfully.

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In the same way, success in the entrepreneur world is tied to a clearly defined marketing strategy. It is not enough that your product is great or top-notch; you need to know your customers, what they want, and where to find them.

There’s definitely more to filmmaking than what we see in the final cut. Filmmakers tend to break the different elements involved into phases, and that makes success more achievable. If you’re an entrepreneur or one looking to start a business, that’s a lesson for you. Ensure to break project management into phases and deal with each accordingly.