5 Must-Watch Netflix Shows For Millenials

By Alecs R March 19, 2020

Binge-watching has now become a hobby for most millennials. An RnR now involves ordering take-out and watching fresh episodes and re-runs of our all-time favorite series.

One of the best and trendiest platforms to host our favorite titles is of course none other than Netflix.

Netflix and chill can really be done on your own now and while you are at it, here’s a couple of shows that can probably change the way you see life and beyond.  

Sex Education


A high-school based series that talks about the intricacies of having done the deed during your teens.

The main character Otis explores sex-based from his open education through his sex therapist mother and opens an underground sex therapy business in school with his friend Maeve. As things complicate & he tries to give sex advice to his peers, Otis discovers that there are some things that he himself is yet to discover. 



They are sure to get you hooked on the story of 4 friends that are trying to figure out what love is. It starts out as the main lead, Dylan discovers that he is infected with chlamydia.

Eager to get rid of it and be proper about the issue, he starts calling his previous partners one by one to inform them. As the story progresses, he experiences a rollercoaster of love affairs with his friends included! Truly a great series to share with friends. 

The Good Place 


4 people end up in the afterlife known as the Good Place which turns out to be the Bad Place. Their sentence for eternity is to torture each other without knowing it. Simply by watching The Good Place, it’s as if a moral philosophy class is turned into a topsy turvy world but each episode helps the audience discover more about intentions and what it means to be morally and essentially good.

Everyone hates moral philosophers but this one is a treat that’s so easy to binge on!



One of the most groundbreaking series that Netflix released was Pose. It exposes the reality of being a transgender and being a part of the LGBT community in the 80s-90s.

HIV awareness is highlighted and the struggle that people who go through it and their loved ones are shared in the series. Solidarity amongst people in the community stands out and binds the audience to the show. The history of where Drag started and how important it is to recognize that they are people too whom we need to acknowledge and remember. 

The Goop Lab 

Actress turned wellness Guru Gwyneth Paltrow explores different forms of healing through her Netflix series The Goop Lab. The title Goop literally stands for anything and nothing as the actress explains it.

The show is filled with willing participants taking a jump into a wellness trip and undergoing different processes of healing. It started out as a newsletter that shares lifestyle & diet advice to women then it became an online store that has now expanded to a TV series.

If you are into mindfulness and seeking different forms of finding that peace or zen, this is the show that absolutely suits you.