Most Followed Hollywood Celebrities On Instagram

By Toby Tunwase November 16, 2021

Instagram and other social media platforms provide a medium for fans of famous actors to catch up with them and follow the big news and the everyday lives of their favorite people. This is why some of the most followed people on these platforms are entertainers and sportsmen. We have compiled a list of Hollywood celebrities who have the highest followers on the picture and video sharing app. 

  1. Dwayne Johnson – 271 Million Followers 
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A.K.A. ‘The Rock,’ Dwayne Johnson is one of Hollywood’s most popular and well-known actors. He is famous for his role in the Fast and the Furious franchise that took Hollywood by storm. Dwayne Johnson is also a professional wrestler and gained mainstream popularity with his performances in the ring from 1996-2004. His Instagram page contains pictures and videos related to his family and fitness. 

  1. Jennifer Lopez – 178 Million Followers 

Jennifer Lopez is a woman possessing many talents as she combines acting with singing and dancing. She has gained great success for herself across all fields, and she is one of the most followed persons on Instagram today. Her Instagram wall is full of stunning pictures of herself at galas and photoshoots.

  1. Kevin Hart – 124 Million Followers 
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Kevin Hart is a skilled comedian and actor famous for his hilarious shows and equally hilarious appearances in blockbuster movies such as Jumanji. His Instagram page contains pictures and videos of his events, personal life, friends, and big announcements. Kevin Hart