5 reasons why everyone should love movies

By Toby Tunwase August 15, 2020

Remember your parents told you watching too much TV is bad for you? Well, they’re kinda wrong.

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Movies are actually very great for you! Especially if you lead a very busy life with no time to go for a vacation. You can just binge-watch a show that was shot in your preferred vacation location. This should make you have a taste of how it feels to actually be there. These, among several other reasons are why movies are good for you.

So, here are 5 key reasons why everyone should love movies. Ready?

1. Escapism

No matter who you are, you must have always harbored the thought of going out of town for a while – away from the busy schedules and noise. Well, you can run away from your life for a couple of hours. An epic romantic drama or a terrific horror movie should do the trick.

2. Laughter is the best medicine

…so is crying too.

Research shows that laughter boosts your immune system and reduces the activities of the stress hormones. Surprisingly, sad movies also have a positive effect on the brain as they can help improve your pain tolerance.

3. You could get smarter

Some movies are highly technical and intellectually challenging. Although they can be a stressful way to blow off steam, they help in boosting your critical thinking ability.

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You can also get educated on some past events, history, dates, and real-life facts via good movies.

4. A new hobby

You can enjoy movies with your friends and family. Going to cinema with friends or dates has become one of the most common social activities for many people.

5. Become a better person

Some good movies reflect important moral values that you could learn from.