6 Ways You Can End Up At The Met Gala

By Toby Tunwase May 25, 2020

To most people, it is not just any gala. The Vogue team would describe it as the “Oscars of the East Coast”. The Met Gala is a fundraising event in sole support of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. At this Gala, their latest works are open for exhibition.

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Even though this social event is a charity event, the list of attendees since it began in 1995, has been a product of meticulous scrutiny by the Vogue team, led by Anna Wintour. The number of guests never exceeds 700 people. To be a part of this special showbiz event, here are six ways to make it onto the list of invitees.

Make A Huge Donation To Either The Event Or the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Once you either make a huge donation or book an expensive table at the event, you’ll surely make the cut. You can also spend some of your time volunteering at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is why you see fashion outfits and big companies like Amazon and Yves Saint Lauren as well as individuals like Lizzie Tisch at the gala.

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Hookup With An A-list Celebrity Or Date One

You only need to be the partner of an A-list celeb to get your shot also at the grand event. The red carpet most times feature people we do not know. But, these persons are always pictured with an A-list celeb.

Get Employed With Vogue

For those that work at vogue, they would always admit to the endless list of privileges they enjoy as employees. One of these is a seat at the Met gala.

Get A Chance To Perform At The Gala

For every person that performs at the gala each year, that is a seat for such performers amongst the 700 selected

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Be The Publicist of A Celebrity

A-list celebrities have a habit of attending every red carpet event with their own publicist. The job of their publicist is to attend to them on the red carpet. So, hobnobbing with such elite celebrities books you a spot as well.

Be a waiter at the Met Gala

Asides from getting to meet famous celebrities, being a waiter at the Met gala would give you a chance to experience the event first-hand. That is a rare privilege coming to you on a platter of gold.