Are The Grammy Awards Losing Their Appeal?

By Toby Tunwase February 16, 2021

Since a record viewership in 2012 for its tribute to Whitney Houston, the Grammy Awards is one of the most followed awards globally. It has become one of the most sought after recognitions in the music industry. And many musicians have hinted at winning the Grammy as the greatest milestone of their careers.

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In a rather sharp turn of events, there are fewer eyes on the Grammys in the 2020s. This new development is making music fans worldwide wonder if the Grammy still means much. Like with the Oscars, there have been many instances of industry folks crying foul at the award selection process. But the Grammys seems to be having more cases of people lashing out at the award committee.

During the hight of the pandemic, Kanye West, a 21 Grammy Award winner, released a video of himself relieving on a Grammy Award. This act came in response to his Twitter rants about the music industry as slavery. He’s not the first to show disdain for the awards, though. Legendary rapper Eminem is also a vocal critic of the awards.

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Quite recently, the Weeknd has been at the fore of calling out the award. The artiste whose album, After Hours, was one of the most successful albums of 2020 went without a single nomination at the 63rd Grammy nominations. At several times top artists including Rihanna, 50 Cent, and Jay Z have boycotted the award show.

Many artists and music industry stakeholders believe the award is biased towards several artists. So, they don’t seem to be giving it much priority anymore. If this trend continues, the Grammys could well be relegated to just another annual show.