Celebrities Who Started Out on YouTube Before They Were Famous

By April Ann Quiñones October 6, 2019

You might not know this, but some celebrities started on youtube before they became famous. Like many others, youtube provided them opportunities to gain fame and success. In this article, we are listing down__ celebrities who stated out on Youtube before they were famous.

#1: Justin Bieber

Many may know Justin Bieber as a heartthrob that he is today; however, become all the fame and glamour, the younger Bieber use to sit down in front of a webcam and sing to covers. This is how Usher discovered him, and the rest is history.

#2: Troye Sivan

The Australian “Youth” singer also found fame in the same way as Bieber. Before his tunes were repeated at the back of our heads, he used to sing cover and put on his twist for his youtube channel.

#3: Dylan OBrien

Before Dylan O’Brien took the role of Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf and Thomas in Maze runner, O’Brien was posting his goofy side on youtube. We made funny videos that people loved and started gaining him more and more attention.

#4: Shawn Mendes

This handsome heartthrob has the same beginnings as Justin Bieber. With his melodic acoustic voice and beautiful face, he was a shoo-in for success.

Final Thoughts

The celebrities mentioned above were also once ordinary people; however, Youtube help them showcase their talents to the world. This only goes to show that average individuals like us can also become extraordinary celebrities. All it takes is passion, dedication, and drive.