Most Fashionable Celebrities Who Don’t Use Stylist

By Hillary Harrington November 3, 2019

To make them look more radiant and beautiful, it is not uncommon for celebrities to hire a stylist to do the job. However, there are quite a few exemptions who choose to style on their own and have made a pretty good job.

These are some of those artists to name a few:

  1. Diane Kruger
Courtesy of Instagram

Diane Kruger has been one of the most fashionable icons in Hollywood who is very vocal about not using a stylist. For red carpet events, she says that she often borrows dresses from well-known designers because it is more convenient that way and cuts off on her shopping expenses as well. One of her reasons for scaling back on stylists is that she feels like she doesn’t look like herself and just looks like everybody else. Well, she does stand out now, in a much better way.

Courtesy of Instagram

Blake Lively has risen to fame because of the hit series Gossip Girl where she was one of the leads. This fashion icon is well-known for her personal sense of style that makes her one of the fashion icons up to date. She sees design and fashion as her way to express her creative side. A lot of teenage girls and even young adults look up to her sense of style. She expressed that her need to be in control and her big ego is probably the reasons she chooses to do away with stylists.

Courtesy of Instagram

This in-demand supermodel also takes pride in her own styling. She says that she is the only person who knows her fashion character up to minute details; that is why she prefers to style on her own.

These are just some of the artists who choose to showcase their prowess in style. They seem to make the right choice after all.