Movie Theaters May Offer Free Viewing When Pandemic Is Gone

By Keith Ramirez May 3, 2020

Most countries around the world have closed nonessential stores, and movie theatres have not been spared. Many film release dates have been called off, and some delayed, with a handful resorting into live streaming as opposed to big cinematic releases.

By the time the pandemic is gone, where will the movie culture be? That is the question bothering many business analysts and entertainment enthusiasts. Many businesses will still be counting their losses, while others will be trying to retake shape in the wake of the pandemic. How then would anyone spare cash for movie tickets?

This question already has movie theatres’ management worried. How do they plan to manage the aftermath of the global pandemic? Especially as regards the movie culture of movie lovers all around the globe.

A lot of us have now found a new hobby with live streams that we might even find it hard to hit the cinemas anymore. Now, with the pandemic cutting short our options, we might be getting too used to live to stream already. This way, the theatre has, even more, to worry about—another pointer to the fact that we might be expecting a drastic move from them. 

Critics and enthusiasts in the moviemaking industry and the Box office fear that the stress of the pandemic might leave movie theatres with just one option. That is for movie theatres to allow free viewing after this period. It might appear as a bold decision, but this step seems like the only way they can get the theatres filled again.

The chances of this move reviving the theatre are large enough.