Be Careful What You Ask This Photoshop Genius For Or You’re In for a Shocker

By Keith Ramirez March 16, 2020

The name James Fridman needs no introduction in the graphic design circles, the same thing goes for social media. 

Even though the London native is a Photoshop genius, he didn’t gain fame for his design skills alone. Rather, his funny interpretation of client’s requests and an amazing sense of humour gained him a massive following.  

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

His work not only provides comic relief for many, but James also uses his work to spread love, camaraderie and self-acceptance. 

As most must have learnt the hard way, it is silly to make a Photoshop request of James – his fans did not seem to get the memo as they throng his DM’s with thousands of requests. Trust James to take those requests literally. 

We’ve compiled some of his best works, sit tight and let’s take you on a James Fridman ride. 

Hair or no Hair Day

All this young man asked was for James to take out the broom in the background. Unfortunately, he went viral for all the wrong reasons. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

First, he called James bro which we’re sure he doesn’t like (we’re judging from the outcome). 

Secondly, James’s never had a cordial relationship with brooms so he decided to take what TY loves the most – his precious hair. 

The young man can be thankful to James now. At least, he knows what he’ll look like if he starts balding. 

That’s A Bit Overstretched

There are only a few things in this world as satisfying as the perfect and idyllic wedding picture. As beautiful as this picture is, the limo in the background is oddly sticking out and taking all the attention away from the couple. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

James Fridman to the rescue. The wife braved the odds and asked James if he could help – and help she got. 

James gave them a pair of long hands and legs that covered the car quite well. Now, they won’t have trouble reaching for things in their new home.

A Level Playing Field

One of the first lessons every photographer has to learn is how to deal with height so everyone fits perfectly into the group picture. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do except being a genius with perspectives. These 3 high school best friends loved their picture very much, but the height disparity was troubling one of them. 

As usual, James is not one to refuse such requests but the result is something that would leave them cringing for a long time.

Hide My Phone Please

Phones with big screens are very nice to use. The only problem is how bulky the feel especially when you have to put it in your pocket. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

This was the problem this young man was battling with as it was ruining his beautiful picture with his crush. 

He turned to James Fridman for help who didn’t waste time to jump to his rescue. The result is something most teens will consider a fashion craze.

Either way, his chances with his crush has significantly improved thanks to James Fridman. 

Be Very Specific

The beauty of perspective when taking pictures is that when you get it right, the impossible seems possible. 

You’ll see people holding the leaning tower of Pisa from falling, while others hold the Eiffel tower in their palms. All thanks to taking the picture at the right angle. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

We believe that’s what this lady tried to achieve but couldn’t which made her ask James for help. 

Well, we can see how that turned out. Thanks to her, customers don’t need to ask where the bathroom is. 

Glasses Problem

Only those with sight problems can relate to this guy. If you’ve been using glasses for years, it becomes a part of you that often, you forget you’re even wearing them. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

This man probably felt he’ll look less geeky if he didn’t have his glasses on – so he didn’t think twice before asking the Photoshop genius for help.

We guess James understood his problem on a personal level so he did as was asked. Now, we can truly see things from the young man’s point of view even though it’s a bit blurry. 

Be Careful What You Wish For

Pictures are memories frozen in time. This fresh college graduate wanted to preserve this picture for eternity but felt his car was a little worse for wear.

With all the courage he could muster, he asked James Fridman to help him edit a more expensive car into the picture. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

The problem with his request was that he wasn’t specific enough – a mistake you shouldn’t make with James. 

Well, the outcome is something we’re sure he’ll also find funny because it’s true – student loans are pretty expensive. 

Wings of an Angel

We can’t stress this enough – when asking James for anything, be extra specific. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

She wanted to be an angel. She wanted those cherubic and majestic wings. She nailed the pose and had everything in order except the wings. 

Off to James, she went and she made her request. Unfortunately, she fell into the trap most people fall into when making request of James. 

She wanted angel wings and James gave her something better – spicy chicken wings. 

No Proposal

We all love a beautiful proposal. This young lady took a picture while she was on a swing and was told by her friends it looked like she was proposing to her dream man. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Well, this was not how she envisioned it in her head so she had to fix it. James was her first port of call and as you must have known know, he didn’t disappoint. 

James gave her a result all contortionists would be proud of. We wonder how easy it’ll be for her to get off the swing. 

A Face in a Body

Everyone wants the perfect summer body but getting into shape is the major problem. Not only will you need the willpower to start working out, but you also have to be consistent to achieve any meaningful result. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

This is a major problem for most people. This dude wanted to look like the model in the picture so he asked James to Photoshop his face into the model’s picture.  

Big mistake, the result is something that would urge him to hit the gym as soon as possible if he really wants the perfect summer body. 

Square Face

Often, most people don’t value what they have until they lose it – in this case until James changes it. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

This pretty lady has always been complaining about the shape of her head saying it’s too round. Knowing she doesn’t have the money for plastic surgery she took the cheaper alternative by asking James to help change it.  

Trust James, he helped her square it (literally). We’re very sure the outcome pretty much changed her mind and she’d learn to love her head more. 

Epic Mountain Top Picture

Adrenaline junkies love to document their adventures and mountain climbers are no different. These hikes often come with several epic stories and are backed by pictures to show how exciting the trip was. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Well, this man’s mountain top picture was ruined by the harmless lady standing beside him. He wanted something more dramatic, something more epic and James was happy to oblige. 

The result is as dramatic as it can get and he still gets to look cool at the same time. 

The Perfect Summer Body

Having the perfect summer body is no joke as it’s a time a number of people look forward to every year. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Just as we stated earlier, it’s easy to say you want to work out – the problem is getting up and going to the gym to get that summer body. 

This husband complained about lacking funds to get a gym membership so he felt James would understand and help. 

Understand he did, as James granted his wish by matching him and his wife’s beautiful features like he asked. We hope he’s satisfied now. 

To be Rich or Richard

There’s something most people will agree on, everyone wants to be rich. We’re trying to figure out what this lady wanted. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

We’re not sure if she wanted James to help bulk up her boyfriend’s bank account or if James should use his skills to make him look rich. 

There’s a chance she didn’t get the memo that James is into irony and wordplay. Since she didn’t specify what she wanted, her boyfriend is now officially Richard who works at Costco. 

Level Playing Field

From childhood, every boy looks up to his father, both literally and otherwise. This young man is a little impatient and cannot wait to be taller than his father. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

We trust James not to deny a young boy of his dream. He went above and beyond to ensure the boy was taller than his dad thanks to his amazing Photoshop skills. 

The only problem is that the father may not be too happy with the outcome as his torso is missing. On the bright side, his son can now proudly “for once dad, I was taller than you when I was 10” 

Close Your Eyes

The perfect location, the perfect man, and the perfect setting for a kiss. The only problem is that the girl’s eyes are open which contravenes the first law of kissing – keep your eyes closed, always. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Her friend could not let this slip so she reached out to James asking him to help close her bestie’s eyes. 

To James, her eyes were opened on purpose so he lent a helping hand to help close her eyes. Now the picture is more than perfect and it’s also hilarious.

Which Plastic?

All this young lady wanted was to have the perfect bedroom bikini mirror selfie. She has the body so she wasn’t ashamed to show it off. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

After several hours of makeup and several takes, her best picture was ruined by a piece of plastic she forgot on her desk. 

Just like most people on this list, she asked James to remove it without specifying the plastic she wanted removing. 

James removed the first pair of plastic he set his eyes on which cost her thousands of dollars after going under the knife. 

You really can’t blame James for this one. 

Finally got an Ass

If you’ve been following James for a while, you’ll know he’s humorous all right – but he doesn’t fail to reinforce body-positive messages when he has the chance. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

This lady took this beautiful picture on a bright summer day and wanted to post it on Instagram. She was hesitant to post it because she felt she didn’t have enough flesh in the right places. 

James did not fail to deliver as he gave her a good looking ass – albeit literally – to make her picture Instagram worthy. 

As Cool as Ice

There’s no doubt we always put our best foot forward anytime we want to take pictures. This young man felt he wasn’t cool enough in his pictures and asked James to help. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

James didn’t hesitate to cool him down by giving him a beautifully designed hand fan knowing he must’ve been in the sun for hours. 

Not only will he feel cool now, but he also looks cool like a Japanese Geisha with her hand fan. Maybe next time, he’ll be more specific with James when making requests like this. 

Forever Young

Our youthful days are one of our best periods in life. Not only do you not have to worry about bills, but you’re also fit, agile and most likely looking good thanks to having no significant worries. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

We wonder how young this man wanted to look when he asked James to make him look younger – even though he’s still a teenager. 

So James obliged and went back in time to when he was conceived. He was also generous enough to give him a cap which set him apart from his peers racing to the egg. 

The Shiny Spot

There’s nothing as nice as taking a beautiful group picture with your friends. You always want to look your best and you also want to keep the memory forever. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

This perfect picture was ruined by the innocuous head of a bald man and the girls were having none of it. 

When the case was brought to James, he got to work almost immediately. He was a little more understanding so he decided to change the head to something everyone likes – ice cream. 

Granny Attack

A dramatic photo always stands out better than an ordinary photo and nothing was going to stop this lady from getting one. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

She had a weird request and believed the right person to get it done was James. 

What did she want? 

She wanted her picture edited so it looked like something was about to hit her from behind. 

She was right about one thing which was the fact that James was the right person to get it done. What’s better than a grandma who’s about to hit you from behind with a pan? 

Having your First Drink

Every milestone you hit in life should always be celebrated. This is something most teens look forward to as they’ve been patiently waiting for a long time to do these things – like drinking your first beer. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

We understand if this young man is feeling a tad light-headed after having his first beer, so we can’t blame him for spilling some on his shirt.

Off to James, he went, as this milestone picture will not be ruined by that beer stain. He wanted it as unnoticeable as possible and James did the exact opposite. 

One Giant Shirt

Team spirit is important and these brothers couldn’t agree more. They loved the same sport with fierce passion and will always be proud of it. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

They also wanted to wear the same shirt for this picture and they wanted James to help with that little problem. 

James gave them a giant shit that not only bonded them together, he also hid their rackets just because he could.

Now, they’ll be the cynosure of all eyes when they enter the court.

A Wish for Boyfriend

This lady loves her boyfriend a lot no doubt but she didn’t like the angle the picture was taken as it made his face look unnecessarily big.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

The outcome after asking James Fridman for edit will make her appreciate his features more. James is one person that loves to spread a message of body positivity and he wouldn’t turn down a chance to do so. 

Unfortunately, this time, he didn’t hesitate to take a swipe at her beloved boyfriend with his Photoshop skills. 

Wish Granted

Andrei from Russia has always wished for one thing – to visit America. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

He’s watched several movies about the land of opportunity and the country of dreams and has always wished to lay on one of the country’s numerous beaches. 

Thanks to James Fridman, Andrei’s dream is about to come true but not in the way he imagined. Since America does not have beaches everywhere, James chose something you can find in every city  – Walmart. 

Now Andrei can say he’s laid comfortably on American soil. 

Eyefell Tower

Even though this lady had always wanted to see the Eiffel tower in the city of Love, several things have always been in her way. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Apparently, she told her friends her dream came true and she was able to visit the “Eyefell tower” in Paris – a claim she couldn’t back up. 

She turned to James for help but didn’t take note of her spelling – which didn’t go unnoticed by the eagle-eyed graphic designer.

He literally gave her a tower of eyes falling and thanks to James, she can back up her claim of visiting a tower with falling eyes. 

Photo credit: Facebook / @jamesfridmanpage

Getting Fame

Arijit from India has always been envious of American celebrities thanks to their looks, fame and fortune. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Becoming one may be a little hard but with James Fridman, he believed his dreams could come true. His request was to become a blond American celebrity which was something James couldn’t turn down. 

Fridman chose the most famous and most powerful of them all and merged it comfortably with Arijit’s face to make his dream come true. 

Angle or Angel

For those that want a tattoo, a great way to know if it looks good on you is to test it with photoshop. This comes with several advantages as you’ll know if it looks good on you or not. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Miss Marina wanted a tattoo of an angel with little wings on her belly but she misspelt angel. Misspellings are one of the unforgivable sins to James Fridman and he did as he was told. 

He drew a 90o angle with beautiful wings on her belly which she may love or not. One good thing about the tattoo is that she’ll not be forgetting what an angle is anytime soon.  

Friends in Need

The beginning of adult life is something a number of teens look forward too. Unfortunately, it seems one of their friends had a little too much to drink but still wanted to take pictures. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

The drunk friend believed the photoshop artist could help correct this so he doesn’t look bad in the pictures. Well, James never disappoints as he ensured his friends were really carrying their fallen comrade. 

Now he can brag to his other friends about their exploits in war even though they just turned adults. At least they have pictures to back it up. 

Change My Girl

This guy didn’t like his girlfriend’s arm and double chin so he asked if James Fridman could do something about it. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

As we said earlier, James is big on body positivity and believes you should love yourself as you are. Well, he felt the guy must be a catch and delivered a masterpiece at the end of the day. 

The result is something everybody will agree on, the guy can date himself if he can’t accept his girlfriend with flaws and all. 

Underwater Picture

You must be wondering what’s wrong with the first picture as it looks beautiful in all aspects. From what we could gather, she took the picture atop water instead it looked like dirt so she approached James to see if he could help. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

The result was one that caught everyone by surprise as he put her underwater – in a washing machine!

The Photoshop genius was kind even enough to make her look beautiful at it. 

Photo credit: Facebook / @jamesfridmanpage

James to the Rescue

Getting on mum’s bad side because of writing on your shirt during a family picnic is something you don’t want. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

Unfortunately, that’s what our little friend on the left did and mum did not hesitate to make her feelings known. 

To make matters worse, it’ll be in the family photo and James was called to fix it. James took the opportunity to poke fun at everyone and make light of the situation.

With James, you don’t have to be uptight always, see the bright side of life with some gum in your mouth.

Reduce The Gap

Sometimes, puberty can be a little awkward. Some people grow so fast you’ll think they’re adults while for others, it takes forever to grow. 

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Instagram

At some point in time, these friends must’ve been the same height before puberty disrupted everything. 

In order not to look like big sis and small sis, her friend asked James to help make them the same height.

If past requests are anything to go by, James will do something hilarious which is what happened. The outcome sure evened their heights but at the expense of her tall friend’s torso.