Shocking True Crime Documentaries

By April Ann Quiñones March 23, 2020

If you are a thrill-seeker and are looking for honest to goodness documentaries, the internet is a black hole waiting for you. If you want the full details, information, and a little bit of jolt, true crime should be your go-to.

It would be hard to believe that these kinds of stories happened to actual people but what’s worse is that some of the predators might still be alive until now. Let’s dive into three very easy to watch but shockingly good stories.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard

The story of a girl whose mother held her hostage in order to live off on PWD benefits. Gypsy’s mother DeeDee had her daughter in a wheelchair and pretended that she had illnesses and leukemia.

Image Courtesy Of Biography

She kept changing her daughter’s age in her birth certificate and lying about her age so that they can still get support from people and the government. Out of rage and the feeling of being trapped in your own home with your mother, Gypsy asked her online boyfriend to kill her mother and save her from the constant torture of having to pretend she was sick and the multiple surgeries she had to undergo even if she was healthy.

To this day, Gypsy is still serving the sentence of what she has done but will be out but under parole in 2024. She mentions in a report that she has never felt more free in prison than when her mother was still alive.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

It was called the largest failed manhunt in US history and of course the death of a global icon, Gianni Versace. What started out as a mere obsession of a man who was brought up to believe that he was a part of the 1%, the elite, Andrew Cunanan had a life ahead of him but little did everyone knows, his behavior was that of someone who is a borderline sociopath.

Image Courtesy Of All That’s Interesting

He made constant lies about who he was, what his family background was, and the people he spends his time with. Until one fine day at Miami Beach Florida, luxury fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered in front of his own home.

The documentaries try to trace his motives and why one man could do such a thing to not just one man but 5 and eventually led to thinking it was for revenge. He was apparently HIV positive and ended up killing himself in a boathouse before the police could even take him into custody.

The Keepers

In November 1969, sister Catherine Cesnik disappeared from the Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore. It was suspected that she discovered a string of sexual abuse cases that involved a priest at the school under the name Joseph Maskell.

Image Courtesy Of Netflix

Two witnesses and victims of the abuse tried to file a lawsuit but were dismissed and easily intimidated by the church’s lawyers. There were accounts of one of the witnesses being threatened into silence when she spoke about the abuses that she endured under the priest and some of the men he knew. Joseph Maskell ran free and all of the speculations regarding his abuse were deemed untrue especially by the church he served in. Maskell died of a stroke in 2001.