The Golden Globes’ When They See Us’ Snub Speaks to a Deeper Problem

By Keith Ramirez January 12, 2020

The powerful series “When They See Us” was shut out of the Golden Globe nominations on  Monday.

Even though,  Jharrel Jerome, taking home the Emmy this year for being an outstanding lead actor in a limited series called the Central Park Five didn’t register with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association voters.

A group met the snub with surprise and disappointment by some on social media people.

The shutout of drama which was  directed by Ava DuVernay was listed among other projects and performances by people of color that went unrecognized by Globes voters Monday, including Lupita Nyong’ o for her role in “Us,” Zendaya for “Euphoria” and Regina King for “Watchmen.”

However, given the death of nominees of color this year-round, as well as the total shutout of women films in the Director of – The Motion Picture category, the lack of nominations for this time for “When They See Us” is glaring. Due to the Given fact the many apparent strengths of the miniseries, as well as the fact that it is very timely and directly addresses diversity concerns, it’s a missed opportunity by the HFPA that should’ve been a slam dunk decision, certainly over “Catch-22,” which wasn’t as well received and reviewed.

The series itself has been celebrated and continues to be celebrated worldwide, for laying out the harrowing events endured by the Central Park Five of the widely-covered 1989 Central Park jogger case, while adding a necessary layer of humanity to their story. It challenges viewers to re-evaluate the imbalances of an incredibly flawed judicial system in America.