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Why the movie “365 days” is sparking controversies

Netflix subscribers are divided by the highly erotic movie, 365 DNI (or 365 Days) due to its twisted story line and exaltation of BDSM. This has sparked a lot of controversy all around the globe.

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While some say the new movie made Fifty Shades of grey look PG, others find it utterly displeasing and uncomfortable. Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Viewers say that the movie exalts a fantasy-romantic relationship induced by something called the “Stockholm Syndrome”. This is a dangerous romantic relationship between a captor and a victim. The movie follows Laura, a businesswoman, who is on vacation to Sicily to mend her relationship with Martin. However, she is kidnapped and imprisoned by Massimo, a fearsome mafia boss who gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Although he promised not to touch her without consent, he still did. Over and over again.
  • The movie features high nudity and graphic scenes that can make average X-rated genre lovers uncomfortable. It also involved kinky sex and BDSM.
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The movie, which became available on Netflix on June 7, was based on Blanka Lipniska’s novel. Over the last couple of weeks, the noise of the movie has racked many streams. Many have considered its comparison to Fifty Shades of Grey as an understatement. This is because of its highly thrilling sex scenes (especially the yacht scene…winks).